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Signature 6-Month Sacred Feminine Life Coaching Package

From June - November // Only a few spots left... 

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Private Coaching / Mentorship Program

A sacred container & guided path for Rebirthing yourself

Do you feel like you're about to go through a massive growth spurt and need spiritual & practical guidance through this transition?

Women everywhere are being called to rise up into their feminine power in a way they never have before. You too?

What most people don't tell you about transformation is that just before we blossom with our full wings spread, first we turn into goo or chrysalis, just like butterflies, and it can look and feel really messy. 

It can feel like you're dying and everything is falling apart before your eyes - but from my personal experience this is actually a really good thing – it means change is coming and your life is being cleared so that the new can sprout and take shape! 

You may experience this as change as feeling itchy and uncomfortable in your skin, relationships getting old and stale - this overall feeling like things are falling apart and not working anymore. This means you are in the death phase and in the early stages of a Rebirth. 

In this 6-month container, I will be your "life doula" to help you through this initiation and get to the other side thriving! 

We will meet for an hour once every other week in person or on the phone. 

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All Offerings 

Individual & Group



Individual Offerings

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Private Coaching / Mentorship Program

Rose Energy Healing Session

Sacred Feminine {Day or Weekend} Immersions 


Group Offerings

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Personalized Women's Retreats 

Sound Bath & Guided Ceremonies 

The Rosegold Cleanse - Begins Fall 2018! 

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Rose Energy Healing Session

Ground  · Activate  · Elevate

75 minutes


Do you feel scattered and ungrounded – like you just can't catch up?

Do you feel like the same frustrating thoughts keep swirling around in your head and you're mentally & emotionally blocked & exhausted? Do you feel like you need clarity around relationship and soul purpose?

A Rose Energy Healing Session is a very powerful way to access your higher consciousness, calm your mind and heal your body. 

In this session Rachel will place her hands around your body plumping out your auric field (so you are bathing in the magic of your own energy medicine), balance your chakras and provide intuitive guidance that will help you navigate the days, weeks and months to come. Rachel uses her sound bowl, voice, crystals and other sacred tools to personalize and enhance the experience. 

Clients have had visions, insights and spiritual awakenings in these sessions. They are sweet, powerful and deep. 

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Sacred Feminine Immersion

Coaching  · Tea / Cacao  · Lifestyle Design ·Energy Healing  · Sauna

3,6 or 24 hour experience


So many of us are so caught in the hustle of the day-to-day that, despite knowing that we need a deep reset, we can't seem to find the time and support to make it happen. So how do we do this?

During the last 4 years supporting hundreds of women in personal transformation through one-on-one coaching and live events, I’ve learned that what most women need isn’t “talk therapy” or more self-help content – but to actually have the lived experience of the change they wish to embody.

To quite literally, change their vibration, and to let the new harmonic inform every aspect of their lives. This means getting out of our heads and rooting in the body. It means engaging the senses and opening ourselves to pleasure. It means showing up, in-person, to do the work.

The challenge is that, most of the women I work with don’t have the time or resources to schedule a week long yoga retreat every few months. And – while these retreats are powerful, the lack of personal, one-on-one attention and ongoing support can make reintegration challenging.

I’ve spent a lifetime curating space & ritual for transformation. Over the last several months, it has become even clearer that my personal dharma is to create the container for this inner alchemy.  

In my journey to deepen the impact I have in women’s lives, I’ve been exploring what it would look like to distill the most powerful aspects of the retreats I have experienced into a format that every woman, no matter how busy, can fit into her life.

I’ve learned that, with the right environment and support, a woman can make the breakthroughs they had been blocked from for months or years in a few short hours. So, for the last several months I’ve been hosting private, half-day immersions with my clients at my little private temple / spa in the redwoods on top of Mt Tam.

I think of it kind of like a day at a luxurious redwood spa with your guardian angel = )

What I have seen and experienced in these sessions has completely transformed how I approach the way I support women.  

I have witnessed as woman after woman come to my space with stress, agitation, heartbreak, insecurity, constriction – and leave TRULY embodying the temple priestess / goddess that she is. Renewed. Grounded. Embodied. Joyful!

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The Rosegold Cleanse - Begins Fall 2018


Being an ambitious woman in this modern world means juggling a lot on your plate, often leaving little time to give yourself, and your body the nourishment it needs. 

This often looks like...

  • Working hard all day and coming home exhausted only to stuff your face with the nearest bag of chips and salsa in front of Netflix before face planting into bed.
  • Marking a yoga class on your calendar (and even putting your yoga mat in your car the night before) and finding every excuse not to go the moment the time comes.
  • Opening up your fridge to see a bunch of vegetables but opting for takeout because the idea of preparing a wholesome meal feels too overwhelming.
  • Always being on, and never having a moment for yourself. 
  • Telling yourself that someday you’ll have an active lifestyle, go on that life changing yoga retreat, or have radiant skin, good digestion, and deep sleep...

I’ve been there, too.

For many years, I’d go back and forth from drinking green juice and doing yoga to slamming tequila and smoking cigarettes until I'd driven my body into the ground. 

On the outside, life looked like a party, but on the inside, I felt empty and deeply unhappy. 

I was working long caffeine-fueled hours at a startup and when the neglect for my body started to catch up with me – not only affecting my health, but also my work, my relationships, and my creativity. 

But there just never seemed to be enough time to slow down ... so I kept pushing myself until it landed me in the ER, unable to breath. 

I had developed chronic asthma and knew that something had to change.

It wasn't until I committed to a deep reset that I was able to transform old habits and experience a profound shift in my health and vitality – healing myself from the inside out. 

Today, I feel more vibrantly alive than I have in my life – and every part of my life has blossomed as a result. My mission to help you feel the same. I've distilled 10 years of experimentation with raw food, macrobiotics and ayurveda into a digestible, 4-week program called The Rosegold Cleanse.


Heads up – this is not your typical cleanse. 

It’s less about deprivation, and more about understanding your body’s needs and rhythms, falling in love with beautiful nourishing foods, developing daily simple rituals and systems to streamline wellness in your life.

In this journey you will ... 


Delicious recipes, crafted meal plans, shopping lists, how-to videos ...  


Guided meditations, powerful breathing techniques, journaling ... 


My favorite handcrafted, love-infused wellness & beauty products to aid your cleanse delivered to your doorstep. 


Ayurvedic massages, face masks made from foods from your fridge ... 


Yoga sequences detoxing and heart opening, dance videos & playlists


24 / hour sisterhood at your fingertips through an online community, an accountability buddy system and daily inspirational emails from me.