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Awakening the Feminine Spirit
Cultivating strength in softness, sacred sensuality and daily spiritual practice. 



A Rose Ritual

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Welcome to the Temple of the Rose

We are a sanctuary for women to learn about the Sacred Feminine and connect with a global sisterhood devoted to walking the path of wisdom and love. 

Here you will find offerings to support your journey in connecting with the rhythms of nature, honoring your body as a holy temple and awakening the Mysteries of the Rose. 


Upcoming Offerings


WINTER 2024, JAN 11 - MAR 19

Yin Practitioner Circle

Nourish Your Soft & Sensual Energy This Winter 


Winter is a time for rest, reflection and replenishing our inner reserves. So often we get caught up in the swirl of the holiday season and we end up feeling depleted by the time New Year comes.


Yin is an aspect of sacred feminine energy that plays an important role in the Universal balance of all things. It is the quality slowness, softness, quietude, receptivity, patience, spaciousness and ease. It's often undervalued and misunderstood, but it's the secret sauce to feeling alive, creative and juicy. 


This course is an invitation to start the year off in a gentle loving way. Water the seeds of your deep roots within a circle of wise women and inspire this new cycle with strength, clarity and beauty.





A Journey from Chrysalis to Blossom

Are you going through a big internal shift and calling in guidance to help you get through the birth canal and onto the other side? 


We all go through cycles in life when we're being asked to grow beyond our comfort zone. Whether we're leveling up in purpose, calling in a life partner or wishing to feel more peace and love within, it's hard to navigate new terrain alone. 

In this intimate container I'll be your witness, mentor and doula as you initiate yourself into a new chapter of life, more aligned with you. 


This is for woman who is ready to enter a sacred womb and rebirth her magical self. Are you ready?





Desert RosE 


Rest & Restore at a Temple in the Mystic High Desert 

Take a pause from your busy life and take an adventure to visit the majestic mountains and open colorful sky of New Mexico. Here we have cultivated a beautiful sanctuary where we host private retreats for individuals and couples. 

You can rest, hike, sauna, eat delicious nourishing food and be guided throughout the weekend by myself and my temple sister in curated experience. 


We are very selective of who we invite here, so if you're interested please schedule a call below so we can meet and discuss more in depth. 

Laura, Qatar

“In the year before I joined this community, I was feeling very anxious, lost and confused. Through what Rachel has taught me about sensuality, self-care rituals, pleasure, nutritious food and meditation, I’ve started to learn how to drop into and listen to my body. Through the wisdom and the practices I’ve started to come into myself as a woman in a completely new way. I feel different in my body and in my spirit, which has been such a gift.”



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Topics including love and relationships, daily practice, beauty rituals, travel, creativity and more.

About Rachel Rossitto


Awakening the Path of the Rose

I was born at home, raised macrobiotic and homeschooled until I was 10 years old. I spent a lot of time as a child in yoga and meditation ashrams as both my parents were practitioners. 


I become passionate about women's spirituality in high school and graduated college with a major in World Religion / Eastern Philosophy. I moved to New York City in my early 20s and fell into unhealthy patterns that caused a downward spiral of stress, anxiety and depression. I finally hit rock bottom which lead me on a healing journey to learn how to honor my body, unlock my creativity and discover my purpose. 

Over the last 15 years, I've dedicated my life to studying earth-based feminine wisdom, priestess temple arts, women's holistic health, womb healing, birth education, herbalism, eastern spiritual philosophy and practice, tea ceremony, intuition and energy healing, devotional music, magic and alchemy, plant medicine and masculine / feminine healing and integration. 

Rose is in my namesake ~ Rossitto ~  and it didn't take long for the medicine to appear in my life.


Through my own challenges meeting the thorn, the deep teachings of the rose blossomed within me. It's been a mutual courtship and I serve Her by bringing her essence forward in the sacred spaces I hold. 


I am devoted to supporting women in reconnecting with their inner wisdom, the cycles of nature and valuing their soft, tender, intuitive parts – through ritual, slow living, the beauty way and honoring all things as sacred. 


the temple of THE ROsE LIBRARY

Self-paced courses, free resources, live programs and bonus gifts. 

Stay connected on Instagram: @rachelrossitto and @thetempleoftherose

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