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1-on-1 Rose Mentorship Program

Are you going through a deep shift in your life and looking for 1-on-1 guidance from a mentor? Are you going through a big life transition and calling in a life doula to gently guide you through?

The growth process is messy and hard to navigate alone.
Things fall apart before they come together again. We can't fully blossom unless we tend to our roots and connect with the Source within.

This is what gives us strength. 


Women who come to me often hold a lot of energy for others and feel under-resourced which has led them to depletion and burnout. They run mostly masculine energy to uphold the needs of their family and career yet they long to feel soft, sensual, open, intuitive and connected to Spirit. 

They yearn to have daily sacred practices and rituals to help them feel attuned to their inner landscape.


They yearn to feel the totality of their aliveness and channel it towards their purpose and creative expression in an authentic way. 

This intimate container invites to you to relax as you're lovingly held, honored and cherished while you take the next step of your personal journey.


It's curated to meet you exactly where you are and bring you where your heart most wishes to go. 



Who is this for?


- looking for clarity and inspiration on their path

- looking for emotional / spiritual guidance and support as they navigate a particularly challenging time

- looking to cultivate a deeper relationship to their feminine energy

-  feeling tired and stressed and wishing to feel more empowered in their life

- those navigating a big life decision 

- those looking for tools to nurture a daily practice 

- those curious to learn more about the Medicine of the Rose, Mary Magdalene and Divine Feminine Energy

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