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My Personal Story

With more than a decade of experience as a holistic healing practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher and birth doula, I support women around the world in embodying their true power by connecting with their innate feminine nature.

Helping women remember their deeply rooted feminine beauty is what makes me come alive. I have guided women home to themselves through private coaching, facilitating multiple online programs, as well as hosting retreats, workshops and women's circles around the world. 

Growing up with two yogi parents had a profound influence to my personal growth and transformation.  I spent a good part of my childhood in ashrams with my family meditating, doing yoga, chanting and absorbing ancient wisdom from their teachers in India. I was introduced to the power of food, meditation and mindfulness as a way to heal and empower the human spirit. I also learned that we are the source of our own love, power and wisdom. 

In college I majored in world religion and anthropology which illuminated the path for me to deepen my knowledge of the esoteric arts, ancient healing traditions and women's spirituality.

My greatest teacher was found within myself, and the most profound classroom has been my own life experiences.

 Trainings & Certifications

Trainings / Certifications

Energy Medicine Practitioner

Academy of Intuition Medicine ®

Since I was a little girl I've been sensitive to energy and could intuitively read people and situations. I experienced everything as energy. I could pick up on things that weren't visible to the eye, but were undeniably present. This was a huge gift on one hand, but also a burden on the other. I've spent the last few years in this beautiful masters program learning how to work with energy in a skillful and empowered way to support the healing journey of myself and the women I serve. 

Listening to Life's Lessons

I know what it feels like to be burnt-out, depleted, and at an all time low. I spent my early twenties living in the bustling city of New York and working at a fast-paced start up. I was burning the candle at both ends by overworking and overusing alcohol to manage my stress. My life was out of balance and I felt disconnected from my body. 

All of that came to a sudden halt when I woke up in the ER struggling to breathe. It was my body throwing it’s red flag – screaming at me to find a better way. The very next day, I left the ER, quit my job, and set off on a journey to learn how to heal my body, listen to my heart, respect myself and nourish my soul. Over the last decade, I’ve focused my energy into learning how to reawaken the feminine principle within myself and consequently helping other women do the same.

Let's Work Together

Learn more about how I may support you with tools to help you thrive by strengthening your intuition and living in alignment with your highest self. 

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