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Blossom with Springtime

Embracing Gentleness
& Venusian Vitality 


April 18-June 6

Welcoming Renewal, Rebirth & New Beginnings 

You're invited to join us for a journey to connect with the simplicity of Spring and savor her sacred rhythm of stillness, patience, and spaciousness.

After the deep of winter and the dark night, we can often feel the build-up of hibernation and the stagnation from being burrowed in our caves.

And that’s OK. It is said sometimes that we must curl in, before we can unfurl out. Only from stillness and emptiness can we be truly filled. 

You are being invited into that transformation –  to align with this Spring season and her focus on reawakening, renewal, and cleansing.

You are being invited to wake up and slowly unfurl, petal by petal. 


Do you feel it’s time to cleanse your mind-body-soul and adorn your sacred Temple with nature’s gifts?

Are you seeking to align yourself with the cycles of this Spring season, its sunlight (vitamin D, baby!), warmer weather, fresher foods, and abundance? 

Are you feeling ready to reclaim that deep sense of purity, presence, and play?


Spring is the time to open and remember the purity of the feminine, and connect with all her simplicity and beauty.


UNFURL is the container to support you, alongside the accountability and inspiration from other amazing women from around the world. 

Awaken Sensuality & Softness Within 

Pillars of UNFURL

14-Day Rosegold Cleanse 

Gentle step by step guidance on how to cleanse your body, mind, physical space, emotions and energetics so you feel fresh, energized, and spacious. 


Self-Care Rituals

Daily morning and evening rituals to feel soothed and grounded as you move through your day. 


Meditative Practice

Guided meditations, tea practice and breathwork. 


Sensual Feminine Movement

Connect and fall in love with your body through dance, yoga and intuitive sensual movement. 


Luscious Beauty

Following the beauty way through temple activation, adornment, flower arranging, skincare rituals. 


Food as Healing Medicine

Nutrition for women's vitality (herbs, teas and healing medicinal soups)



Full and New Moon rituals for clearing and manifestation.


Daily Ritual & Beauty Practices

What you will receive


8 recorded lessons posted to the portal each week 

8 1-hour live weekly calls 

1 2-hour closing Summer Solstice Ceremony 

Bonus Guest Teachers and Workshops

Access to the Temple of the Rose Library

A community forum inside the portal 

A community What'sApp group 

An invitation to come to a private retreat in New Mexico

Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 4.03.12 PM.png

Soothe, Nurture, & Rejuvenate


 Feel more calm, connected and grounded in your body 

Learn new practices and rituals for feminine beauty and nourishment 

Be held in a strong container of love, wisdom and sisterhood

Start the season off feeling fresh and good about yourself 

Have consistent guidance and support from Rachel and the community 


Feel connected to the inner most parts of you

Feel embodied in your creativity and ready to shine this summer!

Sisterhood as Medicine 

With the support of a beautiful community of women, we'll practice the art of (re)awakening our feminine vitality through practices of deep presence, cleansing, self-love, adornment, and play.

It's about coming together and supporting each other in deepening our individual and collective cultivation of the feminine. We are more powerful and enhance each other energetically when we practice in a circle. This is an opportunity to be held lovingly accountable by like-minded women, and to draw inspiration from the whole sisterhood.


Ignite Intimacy with Self & Nature


Weekly calls are on Thursdays from 12pm-1pm PST. 

All calls will be recorded and posted on the portal within 24 hours.

Call Dates:

April 18, 25

May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

June 6

+ + + 

A beautiful poem written by Ivy Challis from the Yin Course Winter 2024 inspired by the magic that unfolds in our weekly sister circles. 

"There are women in a circle 

And their eyes hum with the love of their self-remembering


Their breath deepens and their bellies soften as they wake with the sunrise

Whispering prayers of love at their altars


There are women in a circle who are telling the truth- maybe for the first time ever- that their highest calling, their deepest desire is to open, to receive the breath of life, to move like honey dripping slowly, savoring the beauty of this existence 


There are women in a circle who cry tears that heal the earth, the sacred salt that falls from their cheek is a medicine we drink into our hearts


There are women in a circle weaving sacred rituals into their bones, bringing their bodies to the altar of the Goddess to be kissed by the petals of the rose 


We are the women in a circle. Anointed with holy oils, bathed in milk and honey, dripping with the intoxicating sweetness of coming home to ourselves." 


~ Ivy Challis


Surrender & Open to Love

About Your Guide

Rachel Rossitto supports women in opening their hearts, caring for their body temples, deepening their spiritual practice and cultivating a healthy, loving relationship with themselves.


For the last 10 years she has facilitated hundreds of women's circles and is deeply passionate about the awakening of the Sacred Feminine. She walks with the Medicine of the Rose and offers healing through her music and voice.


​Learn More.


Connect With Your Innate Purity & Erotic Innocence

Laura, Qatar

"I was feeling very anxious, lost and confused. Rachel taught me about sensuality, self-care rituals, pleasure, nutritious food and meditation, and I’ve started to come into myself as a woman in a completely new way."


Yamillet Rivas

"Rachel's courses are an invitation and permission slip to step into your goddess energy. The awakening that unfolds unlocked a part of be that way dormant for way to long." 


Nadja, Washington

“This is a temple to explore, heal and dive inwards and outwards on a journey through rituals, self care and slow beauty. A beautiful space to celebrate and nourish feminine intuition and intellect."



investment for UNFURL COuRSE


The investment for this container is $777. 

You can either pay in full or in 2 installments of $395. 


Partial scholarships available


A Personal Experience Story

by Cara L'Etoile


For the last several years I had become aware of how fast-paced and hectic my life had become. Between work and family, there was little time for self-care and creative endeavors. I was grateful for so much in my life, but felt a growing desire to slow down, return to myself, and practice the art of savoring, of living my life more quietly, closer in. 


Yin (Rachel's Winter Course) and the Temple of the Rose was the light I had been seeking. An invitation to plant seeds of self-love and self-tending, to be held within a container where receptivity, softness, stillness, intuition, spaciousness and ease were valued, and learn to return to the deep intuitive core of my being, honoring myself and others in the process. I was drawn to the magic of Rachel and of Yin. 


To be in a course with course Rachel is very much akin to entering a sacred temple space. Rachel herself embodied the energy of Yin beautifully, exemplifying how one can navigate the spiral of the seasons with a sense of grace, softness, depth, openness, and patience.


Weekly lessons, which far exceeded my expectations for depth and breadth of content, offered a blend of skills, practices, and rituals, exposing me to a myriad of ways to slow down and learn to love myself.


We were invited to consider how we take up space in the world, how we are seen in our own power and light, how we can care for and nourish our bodies, hearts, and spirits, and how to remember to keep it all light, playful, and fun. Each week, we were invited to slow down and sink deep within, tending to our own inner temple and flame, claiming space in the world with confidence and clarity, embodying grace and purpose in this life, and learning to truly love ourselves. 


The practices helped me to learn to honor and love myself in a way I had never experienced before, despite years of healing work. As the course progressed, and as I began to experience, understand, and savor the energy of Yin, I began to see and appreciate things about myself I had previously not valued. 


I learned to practice and appreciate the art of letting go and of considering where I can surrender a little more, where I can loosen the grip, and where I can invite a sense of balance back to forgotten or dismissed aspects of my life. I learned to celebrate and truly love myself through practices of deep self-care and self-valuing.


We do not have to fill every hour, every minute with action, and true beauty is found in the empty places, the white space, the blank pages, the sacred waters within. Yin helped me to dive to the dark, watery depths of my being and bring back shining jewels for life, for nourishment and sustenance.


Truly a communal experience, this journey was shared by a beautiful global community of women, all devoted to practicing the art of rejuvenating feminine vitality by slowing down and moving with intention. We gathered weekly to share our process, support and celebrate one another, and to mirror aspects of the sacred feminine to one another in ways that allowed Yin and the Divine Feminine to be seen, understood, and embodied.


The community was dynamic and we remained in constant communication outside our weekly meetings. Rachel was as much a sister as a leader and she was available always for support, encouragement, to share wisdom and knowledge, and to celebrate our growth and journey. Truly, this was a sisterhood and each woman within was honored, cherished, and celebrated. I leave the course not only with fond memories, but with a group of new friends who I care deeply for and know I will remain in contact with for years to come.


Entering the temple of Yin with Rachel changed my life, helping me to understand and embody the Divine Feminine in a way I had never before imagined possible. I am deeply grateful for my experience. 

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