Awakening the Feminine Spirit
Ancient wisdom, daily sacred rituals & embodiment practices.


It's our nature to be soft and open...

It's our nature to be strong and resilient.

This temple is an invitation to awaken these facets of you. 

What does it feel like to be grounded in your feminine beauty and strength, with unwavering love?

What does it feel like to be the embodiment of your purpose and soul’s unique expression?

Come explore... 




UPCOMING in 2022 & 2023... 


Online Courses

Explore ancient feminine philosophy and practices to give guidance and inspiration to nourish and tend the inner garden of your heart, mind, body and soul. 

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1-1 Mentorship

Allow yourself to be held, supported and guided by Rachel into your most tender places to heal, strengthen your spirit and align with your highest expression. 

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Workshops & Retreats

Step out of your comfort zone and awaken a new layer of you. Connect with sisters and journey beyond veil on an exciting and life-changing mystical adventure.

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A free sacred & sensual at-home self-love retreat.

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Rachel is magic. She is soft and strong and sources from the heart. From this space, she gently leads you towards the essence of it all. Our sessions have always completed with a vibrating, resonating and delicious yes. Our process has been an alchemical journey of exquisite beauty filled with love and pure connection. It has nourished, healed and propelled me forward in life.


- Lana

Temple of the Rose has been the door I was looking for, the treasures I found here are priceless. It is a beautiful journey that truly enriched my life.

- Nikki 

Rachel was my first mentor.

When I was lost, she led me back to myself.

She helped me remember that my inner knowing is my greatest teacher. I learned how to soften, love myself and find more ease and grace in my life. Working with her has changed my entire way of being. 

- Nicolette

When working with Rachel she knew exactly what to say and exactly how to guide me with effortlessness and grace. She really understood me and tailored our time together in a way that supported my specific needs. She's like a beautiful feminine ninja who intuitively knows how to bring you to place of power, depth, and love. So much goodness came into my life after we started working together." 


- Savana 



Hi, I'm Rachel and I'm passionate about supporting women in reconnecting with their inner wisdom, sensuality, beauty and innate power. I believe Love is the most powerful force in the Universe and it's the essence of who we are. 

I dream of living in a world where more women feel nurtured, celebrated, honored, and safe to live with their hearts open and where they can fully blossom and give their unique gifts

For the last 10 years I've dedicated my life to studying temple arts, earth based feminine wisdom, plant medicine, energy healing and women's physical & emotional health and wellbeing. 

I love gathering women in sacred ways to learn, grow and celebrate each other's journey of remembering.

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