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YIN Practitioner's Circle

Nourish Your Soft & Sensual Feminine Energy

January 11-March 19, 2024

The Luminous Dark 

You're invited to join us for a deep dive into the holy and fertile... 

Winter is a time for rest and reflection.


So often we get caught up in the hectic frenzy of the holiday season, we miss the opportunity to reset and replenish our innermost reserves. We often start the year off with ambitious goals, then burn out within a few weeks. Instead beginning the year feeling exhausted, this course is an invitation to prioritize gentleness, self-love and nourishing your core so you can begin the year feeling your best. 


With the support of a beautiful community of women, we'll practice the art of rejuvenating our feminine vitality by doing less *better*, not more. 

Yin is an aspect of sacred feminine energy that plays an important role in the Universal balance of all things. It is the quality slowness, softness, quietude, receptivity, patience, spaciousness and ease. It's an undervalued and misunderstood part of the life cycle, but the secret sauce to feeling alive, creative and juicy. 


Slow Down, Turn Inward and Connect

Pillars of the course

40 Days of Practice

Committing to a practice for 40 days


Restorative Movement

Chi Gong and Yin Yoga


Luscious Beauty

My favorite rituals for luminous skin


Meditative Practice

Guided meditations, tea practice and breathwork 


Lullaby, Voice, Sleep & Dreamwork

Evening rituals for deep sleep and dreamwork exploration


Food as Healing Medicine

Nutrition for women's vitality (herbs, teas and healing medicinal soups)



Sweet and easy rituals for morning & night, and new & full moons

What you will receive 


- 10 recorded lessons (practices, rituals, meditations) posted to the portal each week 

- 10 1-hour live weekly calls (schedule below}

 1 2-hour closing Spring Equinox Ceremony 

- Bonus Guest Teachers and Workshops

- Access to the Temple of the Rose Library

- A community forum inside the portal 

- A community What'sApp group 

An invitation to come to a private retreat in New Mexico!


- Feel more calm, connected and grounded in your body 

- Learn new practices and rituals for feminine beauty and nourishment 

- Be held in a strong container of love, wisdom and sisterhood

-  Start the year off feeling fresh and good about yourself 

- Have consistent guidance and support from Rachel and the community to hold yourself accountable for the intentions you set for the New Year

- Feel connected to the inner most parts of you

- Feel embodied in your creativity and ready to blossom in the spring!


This is called a practitioner's circle because the emphasis is on practice.


It's about coming together and supporting each other in deepening our individual and collective cultivation of the feminine. The feminine has many facets, and this course is designed to emphasis the Yin qualities mentioned above to reflect cosy wintertime.  


This is an opportunity to begin the year with a beautiful routine that feels aligned with your values – and be supported with accountability and inspiration from other amazing women. 

Soothe, Nurture, and Rejuvenate



Weekly calls are on Thursdays from 12pm-1pm PST. We begin on the New Moon in January and close on the Spring Equinox in March. All calls will be recorded and posted on the portal within 24 hours.

Call Dates:


January 11

January 18

January 25

February 1

February 8

February 15

February 22 

February 29

March 7

March 14

Bonus: March 19: Spring Equinox Ceremony 


Laura, Qatar

“In the year before I joined this community, I was feeling very anxious, lost and confused. Through what Rachel has taught me about sensuality, self-care rituals, pleasure, nutritious food and meditation, I’ve started to learn how to drop into and listen to my body. Through the wisdom and the practices I’ve started to come into myself as a woman in a completely new way. I feel different in my body and in my spirit, which has been such a gift.”





The investment for this container is $777. 

You can either pay in full or in 2 installments of $395. 


Partial scholarships available


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