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When She Dances It's Church: What the Divine Feminine Means To Me

A true goddess is a woman who is in full realization and expression of her divine feminine essence.

She recognizes how bright her light is and isn’t shy to shine it out to the world. She has a healthy relationship to her darker side, too, because she has endured her darkest hour and received its lessons with honor and gratitude. She embraces this duality and understands that it is the key to her greatest power and deepest wisdom.

She experiences no separation between her and Mother Earth, as she is in sync with the seasons and all the natural rhythms of the Universe.

She knows her body, so she can heal when she is sick; she knows her heart, so she can open it wide when she chooses and close it in protection when she needs; she knows her mind, so she can invite challenge; and she knows her limitations, so she can endlessly expand.


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