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Soft Strength : Practices for the wise & wild

Slow down, go within & listen

Happy Full Moon beloved,

I hope you find yourself in a beautiful place today to honor the fullness of life, the abundance of this planet and the wholeness of your heart.

If it's been a rushed day, I invite you to pause right now and take 5 deep breaths, and maybe consider a delicious warm bath tonight with salts and candles. Anything to sooth the nervous system and bring you back to presence and aliveness inside.

I'm about to head out to meet my sisters on the mountain to commune with each other and receive the luminous medicine of the moon in Capricorn. It's also the “Strawberry Moon” which represents the first Full Moon of the summer. Yiiioo!

Capricorn is all about work and career. Those born in this cycle are often ambitious, organized, practical and goal-oriented. My rising is in Capricorn in Vedic astrology, which makes a lot of sense because I can definitely be disciplined and focused.

However this can easily lead to overworking, burnout, depletion and overactive masculine energy. Because of this tendency, I have a deep appreciated and value of the concept of soft strength – which to me is the ability to show up, be of service and take action, but in a gentle, graceful and aligned way.

Here are 3 practices I have found that have deeply supported this:

  1. Paying close attention to my body throughout the day

Are my shoulders up by my ears? Am I clenching my jaw? Have I eaten in the last 5 hours? Are my eyes burning from staring at my devices? Am I dehydrated?

If any of these are true, then it's time to move energy. This can look like going for a walk outside, doing an inversion (headstand) eating, drinking or dancing! Breaks are of the essence when you are doing focused work.

2. Asking myself, “Am I rushing?”

So often we rush to get things done or get somewhere. What would life feel like if you were more spacious? If you had buffers in between your meetings? What if time moved slower and you were more productive and made better decisions, rather than feeling like a scared mouse on a wheel? What if you felt like a queen lioness.

3. Having good boundaries

It's so easy to get swept up by the excitement of ideas and people. Sometimes this happens so fast we lose site of our personal boundaries, which helps us to sustain and maintain our energy. Taking a moment before agreeing to something to check in and see if it's aligned with your Truth and priorities.

I believe as women it's important that we offer our gifts from a place of overflow and feeling deeply nourished. That is why I created my newest course, E M E R G E.

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Cassandra Bunsie
Cassandra Bunsie
10 mai 2023

These are all great practices that are easy to incorporate into daily life when we take time to check in.

thank you for sharing. 💕.

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