Wanna know my secret sauce?

I can't tell you everything but ... 

I will share 5 pillars you can expect to see show up when I'm guiding women into the Temple of her own heart. 

I have been studying women's spirituality since I remember becoming a woman. I was always fascinated by the ways of the Feminine – from sensuality to following the cycles of the moon. In the last 10 years I've deepened in my journey to articulate the way I understand the feminine to others. While the feminine is vast and has a full range of expression with her many faces, these are the top 5 themes that arise the most and I've found to be most healing and transformational to explore. 


1. Nurture

The essence of the feminine is nurturing - life giving! I believe that when a woman nurtures her soul, everything else in her life thrives. She must water her inner garden so that she can experience that deep sense of abundance, beauty and blossoming! Without tending the seeds, she will feel dry and little will grow. This takes deep listening, patience and self-compassion. 

Nurturing your inner landscape also means identifying what weeds need to be pulled - asking what needs to die?  She must water the seeds within through observation, care, forgiveness, self-love, sensuality, identifying needs and filling her own cup so she can give rather than depletion and obligation, but from a state of grounded, abundant overflow. 


2. Intuition / Deep Listening

 I believe each woman has the key to unlock her own brilliance and superpowers because everything she needs is already inside of her. So often we look outside of ourselves for answers that only we have access to. In order to tap into this infinite source of knowledge we must create regular time and space to commune with the wisdom of your own heart, your body, and nature. 

It's inevitable you may hear something that is uncomfortable that you don't want to hear, so it takes deep trust in yourself to listen, courage to sit with it and boldness to act on the messages you receive. However, there is no doubt it will bring you into deeper truth and alignment with your spirit. 


3. Truth / Integrity


Being authentic to your truth

·      Being aligned

·      Authenticity

·      Every flower is different and unique and perfect in her own way



·      Home, adornment, cultivation of beauty, mindfulness, sacredness

·      When a woman actively cultivates beauty in her home, on her body, by taking care of herself, having a deep relationship to nature, she is more present, she is attuned to the feminine aspect.  Beauty as in everything, what you bring your attention to, the way you place your loving awareness on an object, or a space or yourself, attention;


·      The world will be a more harmounious, creative abundant place, if more feminine leaders are in power and making decisions

·      Power is about using your force for good

·      Being anchored in goodness, compassion, serving others

·      What does it mean to be an empowered woman? Its about having freedom; sovereign; whole; self resourced (not that you need to be but you can be)

·      Most of all, uplifting others; you have the power so you can help others rise into their fullest potential

·      Not all power means roaring like a lion; power can be soft; it can be sweet; it can be quiet



·      When women collaborate instead of compete, we all rise, we all thrive, we all lift each other up.

·      Sisterhood

·      We’re better together

·      Community

·      How we all bring our gifts and express our unique gifts, we create something better than what one person can do on their own

·      Balance between asserting yourself and leaning back and being receptive to what is happening

·      Metaphor of the orchestra; we all have our own instruments; we play our own tune, song color, and are creating something bigger and more beautiful together




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