Rachel Rossitto is a wellness coach and feminine spirituality guide dedicated to empowering women through her private coaching programs, retreats and online courses. 

She is passionate about, music and dance as a form of ... 

Rachel is also a holistic health coach, yoga teacher, birth doula and energy healing practitioner. 

She is originally from Philadelphia and lives in her Temple on Mt. Tam in Mill Valley CA. 

Currently getting her masters in Intuition Medicine. 


My Story

I believe that 

What is the question?

How did you get to teach about the feminine? What is your relationship to the feminine?

I remember being 16 years old and driving home from school thinking to myself, "I'd rather die than feel my heart right now."

Let me back up... 

I grew up in Philadelphia with two yogi parents and learned from a very early age yoga, meditation and the power of self-healing. My dad was sick and was able to himself through diet and mindfulness. We ate a macrobiotic (a Japanese diet of fish, seaweed & vegetables), had photos of ancient sages on the walls and books on Tantra – I was also homeschooled until 12 years old learning violin, gymnastics and the latin names of flowers before times tables. I didn't have the typical upbringing, but I was a very happy, creatively expressed, confident little girl. 


Archetypes - Photos

Little girl 

Wild Woman

Dark night of the soul 

Working at start up 


Now - Sovereign 



Let me back up... 



When I was 16, I was struggling in school. I had a hard time focusing, completely tasks and getting A's.