I believe ... 

  • I believe that women are powerful creators. 
  • I believe what the world needs most right now are humans who are anchored in love, giving their gifts and being of service to others. 
  • I know that we carry light and dark, masculine and feminine energies within us. We embody a full range of expression, and that's what makes us dynamic and powerful. 
  • I know that in order to reach our fullest potential, we must align with the rhythms of nature and tap into pure consciousness regularly. 
  • I believe that when we empty our cups by practicing stillness, silence and deep listening – we have access to all the information we need to take the next best step. 
  • I believe that success, abundance, beauty, creativity and love are not outside of ourselves that need seeking out – but rather a state of being we can access in any moment.  
  • I believe that bringing sacredness back to our everyday routine will bring depth, clarity and joy to our lives. 
  • I believe we are stronger together.

I am committed to...

  • I am devoted to serving The Goddess (feminine force) through deepening in my embodiment of both masculine and feminine energy.  
  • I am committed to being a guide for women to heal their wounds, discover who they are, stand in their power and give their gifts. 
  • I am committed to being a life-long learner - as my wisdom comes from my own life experience and journey through the woods.  
  • I am committed to being a mirror for other women to see and taste their own beauty and greatness! 
  • I am committed to being a force of good on this planet – supporting women of all walks of life to rise in their freedom and power. 
  • I am devoted to contributing to the health and well-being of this planet and all it's inhabitants. 
  • I am committed to being humble, gracious and kind to all who cross my path.  
  • I am devoted to the the path of love – inside, outside and all around. The Big Love - that which is the essence of who we are.