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Awakening the Sacred Feminine: Redefining an Empowered Woman

Reclaiming our Sacred Feminine Herstory

Feminine Power is rising in the world right now - and it’s exhilarating to witness. 

Women and men are waking up to heal ancestral wounds and balance their own inner feminine and masculine energies. This is essential to restoring humanity and healing our relationship to the planet. 

How can we thrive as a civilization if half the population is disempowered?

History tells us that matriarchal culture was common in early religions and women were honored and seen as holy for their connection to the earth and the ability to create life. 

In the last few thousand years women have been oppressed, maltreated and discouraged from embracing their true spirit. This loss of dignity and lack of connection to our feminine power has dismantled our feminine intuition and devastated the magic of the female role in society. Together we can change the ancestral patterns we were born into. Now is the time to reclaim our feminine power and create a more harmonious world. 


We are witnessing the emergence of a new kind of woman, characterized both by her strength and her softness. Her resilience and her ability to surrender. Her momma power and her business prowess. Her ability to think critically and feel deeply. She is a warrior and a healer. She is dynamic and she is whole.

She is you.

Together we are moving from the wounded feminine to the sacred feminine.

From insecurity to confidence.

From competition to collaboration.

From victimhood to self-empowerment.

From external validation to deep inner-knowing.

From codependency to sovereignty.

From fear to freedom

A woman who embodies the Sacred Feminine leads with kindness, compassion, clarity, humility and love. She isn’t concerned with status, labels to doing things “right”, but sees her path as a unique way of life. She in relationship to all things, constantly interpreting, perceiving and intimately experiencing the world around her. She recognizes how bright her light is and isn’t shy to shine it out to the world. She has a healthy relationship with her darker side, too, because she has endured her darkest hour and received it's lessons with honor and gratitude. She embraces this duality and understands that it is the key to her greatest power and deepest wisdom. She walks with reverence and the knowing that all things are Sacred.


She is You.

Rose Medicine

The Rose is sacred. She embodies strength in her softness.

With her delicate, silky, sensuous petals, she opens - giving generously and abundantly of herself. However she also has thorns that represent her boundaries and inner self-worth. 

To truly behold strength, there must be softness and vulnerability. Softness without self-assuredness and integrity can collapse in on itself. They work together like the yin and yang. True strength includes tender, vulnerable openness and true softness requires containment and honor. 

The Rose is Sacred and doesn’t need to ask to be treated as such. 

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