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"On a global scale, there are massive shifts taking place in the world, that not only involve the rise of the sheroes, but also the rise of feminine values in men.  This is exciting news, and no this is not fake news.  

Collectively, we are mending the contrast of past and reshaping our future.

I am grateful to say that I have the pleasure of being surrounded by many modern day Sheros that I admire and who shape my life greatly."

Read more from The Rise of the Sheroes by Nadav Wilf here!

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It's sometimes in the darkest of time, that we truly learn to see the light.

For this week's guest, Rachel Rossitto of Rose Holistic, it took hitting rock bottom and a trip to the ER for her to start exploring what her greater purpose and big WHY.

How did she transform her life from a party girl to a self-loving women's coach, certified holistic health coach, yoga instructor and birth doula?

Tune into this week's episode to find out...

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Hivery member and women’s health and wellness coach Rachel Rossitto will lead a simple meditation at the Hivery Wellness Day this Wednesday and send participants home with breathing techniques, wisdom around intuitive eating, hacks to eating healthier during the workday, and favorite beauty foods.

Rachel says, “All of my work revolves around supporting women in coming home to themselves.”

Are you ready to go home? Take a look at what inspires Rachel, how the Hivery is a second home, and what’s next for this woman doing cool stuff.

Read the full featured article by The Hivery here

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