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Join us in July 2020

Enrollment opens in June


The Temple of the Rose

A 6-month journey for women to cultivate soft strength, inner beauty and feminine sensuality.

The Temple of the Rose Introduction Video

Start the year off with new healthy routines and a beautiful support system of women beside you.

Women everywhere are inspired to rise up in a way they never have before. 


We know that pushing ourselves to exhaustion isn’t sustainable, and when we nourish our bodies, listen to our inner wisdom and give love to what matters most, we feel more joyful and life is sweeter. 

The beauty of this sacred container is that you aren't walking this path alone. You will be doing so with a sisterhood of like-minded diverse  women who will be your cheerleaders, mirrors and support team.


When we do it together, we rise higher.

What will I learn in the program?

This program is an embodied exploration of a woman’s inner landscape, weaving intuitive feminine wisdom with practical methodologies. Each month there will be a new theme to discover and each one builds on the one before it. 



Cultivate beautiful sacred mornings, transform your home into a temple, and nourish yourself with food as medicine.



Track your moon cycle + fertility, heal and awaken the sacred womb, and explore a sensual embodiment.



Claim your inner queen, unlock your unique innate superpowers, and release the fear of shining too brightly.



Overcome heartbreak, heal family and sisterhood wounds, and call in aligned, soulful, nourishing love.



Beckon your authentic life purpose, awaken your body as an open channel, and unleash your inner creatrix.



Anchor in your big "why", uncover and establish your life legacy, and plant a fertile seed for your future dream.

How will I receive the lessons?

Our intention is to make it as easy as possible for you to follow along with the lessons each week and stay looped into the community regardless of how hectic your life can get.

Weekly Lessons

A new video lesson is released every Friday and delivered to you through our very own app! 

Each video lesson is 10-20 minutes long and will include bonus exercises, reading and playwork. We recommend you devote 1 hour a week to this content.

Global Sisterhood

24-hour sisterhood at your fingertips + for support and accountability throughout the 6-month journey.

To stay connected throughout the month we will have an online temple for sharing your experiences and being inspired by the other women in the group

Live Q+A

Our sister circle meets every other Monday from 12pm-2pm PST via zoom. All calls will be recorded. 

Calls will consist of a short guided meditation and a live Q&A session. The time & duration of this call is subject to change.


Who is this program for?

Evoke is a holistic program for adult women of all ages. We invite creatives, healers, mothers, girl bosses, women who are in between and women who are blessed with all of these! We have hosted women native from all continents all around the world (with the exception of those from the north and south poles - so far). 


This program is for women who want to grow within and without, learn new things about themselves, meet like-minded women and go deeper into their own  sacred feminine spirit. This program is suitable for women of all backgrounds and life scenarios, and is tailored for the on-the-go woman. 


— Temple of the Rose —

Join our intimate and supportive group of women as we deep dive into everyday thoughts, feelings and insights. Download our app for when you're on-the-go or sign in on your computer at home to stay connected to your Evoke sisterhood. Our tribe of powerful women are there to guide and support you on your journey.

What you'll receive from the Temple of the Rose:

  • Being part of a lifelong community of sisters who 100% have your back. At the Temple, you can connect with members of this community based on geolocation, direct messaging and forum topics.
  • Full access to the 6-month Evoke program and all that comes with it — weekly videos, resources, and printable PDFs.
  • Experience bonus exclusive content you can’t find anywhere else, such as Rachel's self-care routine and moon rituals.
  • Bi-monthly online calls that include guided meditations, an open circle for attendees to reflect on the experience and a live Q&A and group coaching call.
  • Opportunity to share your medicine with your Evoke sisters. We are here to learn, give and receive from each other.
  • Surprise expert guest interviews
  • Invitation to exclusive events and workshops.

Your Guide

Rachel Rossitto

I believe that all the wisdom you need is inside of you. I’m simply here to awaken it and remind you how awesome and worthy you are. Evoke is a safe and sacred container for you to explore new ideas, unravel deeper layers of yourself and have fun with a group of inspiring women. I will be sharing the best gems of what I've learned along my own path with hopes that it will enrich your life, save you time, help you avoid unnecessary dark alleys or at the very least , make your journey a little more magical.

The Greatest Investment Is The One You Make To Yourself

— Evoke Program Pricing —

Option 1 — Full Payment

Save $200 by paying for Evoke in one easy breezy payment

Option 2 — Monthly Payments

You will pay a deposit to hold your spot for Evoke in January 2020. Each month for the duration of the program (6 months), you will be charged in increments.

Enrollment opens in June

Building a School in the Amazon


The Yawanawa people have been dreaming of building a School of Tradition for many decades. With two major missionary invasions on their land, their culture was almost completely wiped out. 


As women it is our sacred responsibility to be Earth Warriors and care for the land and it's children. 5% of all proceeds from Evoke will be donated directly to the Yawanawa Association’s non-profit.

Kickstarter coming soon! Stay tuned for more details!



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