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Private Mentorship

with Rachel

Personalized 1-1 support from Rachel, designed for your needs and curated for your lifestyle.




Are you going through a deep shift in your life and looking for guidance and support? 

Women everywhere are being called to rise up into their feminine power in a way they never have before. You too?


What most people don't tell you about transformation is that just before we blossom with our full wings spread, first we turn into goo or chrysalis, just like butterflies, and it can look and feel really messy. 


It can feel like you're dying and everything is falling apart before your eyes - but this is actually a really good thing – it means change is coming and your life is shedding its unneeded layers so that the new you can sprout and take shape! 


You may experience an uncomfortable and  itchy feeling in your skin, your relationships might turn  old and stale, and this overwhelming feeling that things are falling apart and not working anymore. Like a wilting rose, you are in the death phase but you are  also in the early stages of a Rebirth and reblossoming. 


In this 6-month curriculum, I will be your "life doula" and guiding anchor to help you through your metamorphosis  and propel you into a thriving state.

Are you ready?


Your Guide

Rachel Rossitto

Rachel supports women in nourishing their bodies, deepening their spiritual practices and cultivating more love, beauty and abundance in their lives through online courses, private coaching, retreats and sacred music experiences.


What People Are Saying

“I came into Evoke fighting a huge creative block and with a strong desire to embrace more femininity and softness in my life and work. I had no idea what to expect and was in awe of the compassion, magic, and hope that brewed over these six months. Rachel’s guidance, wisdom, and lovely, divine presence created what seemed an impossibility - a digital space that nurtured sisterhood with warmth and feeling. I’m ever grateful, not only for this time and the resulting free flow of creativity and softness, but for the strength, beauty and deep bond I feel with my Evoke sisters.”

— Kasey



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