I am passionate about the birth experience and love nothing more than supporting a woman through this powerful initiation. 

My mother put a lot of love and attention into herself when she was pregnant with me by focusing on her nutrition, movement and deep inner work and I've always appreciated her for that. I think it made a big difference for our birth experience.

I was born at home with the support of 2 midwifes, a doula along with my dad and brother. The room was covered in daisies and I came out to whale sounds – no joke. This was the early 80s after all. I'm not saying this is how all people should give birth, but she made it her own and I think because of that we have a very tight and sacred bond, which continues to grow deeper over the years.

This has inspired me to become a birth doula through Birth Arts International in 2012 and do my 45-hour prenatal yoga teacher training with Mama Tree with Jane Austin in San Francisco in 2014I have been supporting mothers-to-be for the past 6 years in California, New York and Philadelphia.

I help work with women / couples leading up to / and during their pregnancy with the intention of having a healthy, empowering birth experience. I teach my clients skills and techniques that help them to be strong and loving present to their process. I've supported home deliveries, hospitals, as well as mothers who've decided to take medication and others who've gone au naturel.

I have no agenda or strong judgement around what a birth should look like, my intention is only to give you the information to decide what birth experience is right for you, then do my best to help you along that journey. 

If you would like to learn more about my availability and packages set up a time for an introductory call and we can see if we are a good fit!